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family: Asteraceae

Bidens amplissima Vancouver Island beggarticks
Bidens aristosa bearded beggarticks,tickseed beggarticks,western tickseed-sunflower,Midwestern tickseed-sunflower,swamp marigold,longbract beggarticks
Bidens beckii water beggarticks,Beck's beggarticks,Beck's water marigold
Bidens bidentoides Delmarva beggarticks
Bidens bipinnata Spanish needles
Bidens cernua nodding beggarticks,nodding burr marigold,sticktight
Bidens connata purplestem beggarticks,purplestem swamp beggarticks,connate beggarticks
Bidens discoidea small beggarticks,discoid beggarticks,swamp beggarticks,few-bracted beggarticks
Bidens eatonii Eaton's beggarticks,Eaton's burr-marigold
Bidens frondosa devil's beggarticks,devil's pitchfork,largeleaf beggarticks,stick-tight
Bidens heterodoxa Connecticut beggarticks
Bidens hyperborea estuary beggarticks,coastal beggarticks,northern estuarine beggarticks,seacliff beggarticks
Bidens pilosa hairy beggarticks,cobbler's-pegs,farmer's friend,pitchforks,blackjack
Bidens polylepis awnless beggarticks,longbract beggarticks,Ozark tickseed-sunflower,longbract tickseed-sunflower
Bidens trichosperma crowned beggarticks,hairyseed beggarticks,southern tickseed,tickseed sunflower
Bidens tripartita threepart beggarticks,trifid burr-marigold,threelobe beggarticks
Bidens vulgata tall beggarticks,tall burr marigold,western stick-tight,big devil's beggarticks

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