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family: Asteraceae

Rudbeckia 'Herbstsonne' autumn sun coneflower
Rudbeckia fulgida orange coneflower,shining coneflower
Rudbeckia fulgida var. fulgida
Rudbeckia fulgida var. speciosa
Rudbeckia grandiflora
Rudbeckia grandiflora var. grandiflora
Rudbeckia heliopsidis
Rudbeckia hirta black-eyed Susan,hairy coneflower
Rudbeckia hirta Hybrids gloriosa daisy
Rudbeckia hirta var. hirta
Rudbeckia hirta var. pulcherrima hairy coneflower,black-eyed Susan
Rudbeckia laciniata wild goldenglow,tall coneflower,cutleaf coneflower,greenhead coneflower
Rudbeckia laciniata var. ampla
Rudbeckia laciniata var. laciniata greenhead coneflower,tall coneflower,cutleaf coneflower
Rudbeckia maxima giant coneflower
Rudbeckia nitida
Rudbeckia nudicaulis
Rudbeckia occidentalis naked coneflower,western coneflower
Rudbeckia scabrifolia
Rudbeckia subtomentosa sweet black-eyed susan
Rudbeckia triloba browneyed Susan,browneyed coneflower,manyflowered coneflower,thinleaf coneflower
Rudbeckia triloba var. pinnatiloba
Rudbeckia triloba var. triloba browneyed Susan,browneyed coneflower,manyflowered coneflower,thinleaf coneflower

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