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family: Rosaceae

Geum aleppicum common avens,yellow avens
Geum calthifolium
Geum canadense white avens,Canada avens
Geum coccineum dwarf orange geum,scarlet avens
Geum fragarioides barren strawberry,dry strawberry
Geum glaciale
Geum laciniatum rough avens,cut-leaved avens
Geum lobatum
Geum macrophyllum largeleaf avens
Geum macrophyllum var. macrophyllum
Geum macrophyllum var. perincisum large-leaved avens,yellow avens,big-leaved avens
Geum peckii
Geum quellyon scarlet avens,Mrs. Bradshaw avens,Chilean avens
Geum rivale water avens,purple avens
Geum rossii
Geum schofieldii
Geum ternata barren strawberry
Geum triflorum prairie smoke,three-flower avens,old-man's-whiskers,purple avens
Geum triflorum var. ciliatum
Geum triflorum var. triflorum
Geum urbanum wood avens,herb bennet,clover-root,Bennet's root
Geum vernum heartleaf avens,early water avens,spring avens
Geum virginianum pale avens,cream avens
Geum ×aurantiacum orange avens
Geum ×catlingii
Geum ×macneillii
Geum ×macranthum
Geum ×pulchrum elegant avens

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