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family: Asteraceae

Arnica angustifolia narrowleaf arnica,arctic arnica,arctic leopardbane
Arnica angustifolia subsp. angustifolia narrowleaf arnica,arctic arnica,arctic leopardbane
Arnica angustifolia subsp. tomentosa woolly arnica
Arnica chamissonis Chamisso's arnica,leafy arnica,meadow arnica,leafy leopardbane
Arnica cordifolia heartleaf arnica,heartleaf leopardbane
Arnica fulgens hillside arnica,foothill arnica,orange arnica,shining leopardbane,shining arnica
Arnica gracilis slender arnica,smallhead arnica,slender leopardbane,tall mountain arnica
Arnica griscomii snow arnica,Griscom's arnica
Arnica griscomii subsp. frigida snow arnica,northern arnica,snow leopardbane
Arnica griscomii subsp. griscomii Griscom's arnica
Arnica lanceolata lanceleaf arnica,lanceleaf leopardbane,New England arnica
Arnica lanceolata subsp. amplexicaulis streambank arnica,clasping arnica,stemclasping arnica
Arnica lanceolata subsp. lanceolata lanceleaf arnica,New England arnica,lanceleaf leopardbane
Arnica latifolia broadleaf arnica,mountain arnica,daffodil leopardbane
Arnica lessingii Lessing's arnica,purple arnica,nodding arnica
Arnica lonchophylla northern arnica,longleaf arnica,white-plumed arnica
Arnica longifolia spearleaf arnica,seep-spring arnica,longleaf arnica,longleaf leopardbane
Arnica louiseana Lake Louise arnica,rock arnica,snow arnica
Arnica mollis hairy arnica,cordilleran arnica,cordilleran leopardbane
Arnica montana mountain tobacco,European arnica,European leopardsbane
Arnica ovata sticky arnica,stickyleaf arnica
Arnica parryi Parry's arnica,nodding arnica
Arnica rydbergii Rydberg's arnica,subalpine arnica,subalpine leopardbane
Arnica sororia twin arnica,bunch arnica,twin leopardbane

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