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family: Balsaminaceae

Impatiens aurella pale yellow jewelweed,pale yellow touch-me-not,orange touch-me-not,orange balsam
Impatiens balsamina garden balsam,spotted snapweed,rose balsam
Impatiens capensis spotted jewelweed,spotted touch-me-not,orange touch-me-not
Impatiens ecalcarata spurless touch-me-not,western touch-me-not,spurless jewelweed
Impatiens glandulifera purple jewelweed,Indian balsam,policeman's helmet,Himalayan balsam
Impatiens noli-tangere
Impatiens pallida pale jewelweed,pale snapweed,yellow touch-me-not,pale touch-me-not
Impatiens parviflora smallflower touch-me-not,small touch-me-not,small balsam,smallflower jewelweed
Impatiens walleriana common impatiens,Zanzibar balsam,patient Lucy,busy-lizzy

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