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family: Primulaceae

Primula auricula
Primula beesiana candelabra primrose
Primula borealis
Primula conjugens
Primula conjugens var. conjugens slim-pod shootingstar,Bonneville shootingstar
Primula conjugens var. viscida
Primula cuneifolia
Primula cuneifolia subsp. saxifragifolia
Primula denticulata drumstick primrose
Primula egaliksensis bog primrose,Greenland primrose
Primula elatior
Primula farinosa bird's-eye primrose,mealy primrose
Primula fassettii
Primula florindae Tibetan primrose,Himalayan cowslip
Primula frenchii
Primula frigida
Primula hendersonii broad-leaved shootingstar,Henderson's shootingstar,mosquito-bill
Primula incana silvery primrose
Primula japonica candelabra primula,Japanese primrose
Primula jeffreyi tall mountain shootingstar,Sierra shooting star,Jeffery's shootingstar
Primula juliae purple primrose,Juliana primrose
Primula latiloba
Primula laurentiana birdseye primrose,Laurentian primrose
Primula marginata
Primula matthioli alpine bells,Cortusan primrose
Primula meadia shootingstar,pride of Ohio,Mead's shootingstar,prairie shootingstar
Primula mistassinica Mistassini primrose
Primula nutans
Primula obconica poison primrose,German primrose
Primula pauciflora prairie shooting star
Primula pauciflora var. cusickii Cusick's shootingstar
Primula pauciflora var. pauciflora darkthroat shootingstar,alkali shootingstar,pretty shootingstar
Primula pumila
Primula rosea pink primrose,redleaf primrose
Primula sieboldii Japanese primrose,Japanese star primrose
Primula stricta coastal primrose
Primula veris English cowslip
Primula vialii Chinese pagoda primrose
Primula vulgaris English primrose
Primula ×bulleesiana candelabra primrose
Primula ×morissetii
Primula ×polyantha polyanthus,hybrid English primrose,polyantha primrose
Primula ×pruhoniciana juliana hybrid primrose
Primula ×pubescens auricula hybrid primrose,auricula primrose,border garden auricula,garden auricula

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