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family: Poaceae

Agrostis canina velvet bentgrass,brown bentgrass,velvet bent
Agrostis capillaris colonial bentgrass,browntop,Rhode Island bent,Prince Edward Island bentgrass
Agrostis clavata clubbed bentgrass,clavate bentgrass,clubbed bent,clavate bent
Agrostis exarata spike bentgrass,spike redtop,spike bent
Agrostis gigantea redtop,black bentgrass,giant bentgrass
Agrostis hyemalis winter bentgrass,ticklegrass,winter bent
Agrostis idahoensis Idaho bentgrass,Idaho redtop,Idaho bent
Agrostis mertensii northern bentgrass,arctic bentgrass,northern bent
Agrostis microphylla small-leaf bentgrass,littleleaf bentgrass,small-leaf bent
Agrostis oregonensis Oregon bentgrass,Oregon redtop,Oregon bent
Agrostis pallens dune bentgrass,seashore bentgrass,dune bent,seashore bent,thingrass
Agrostis perennans upland bentgrass,autumn bent,upland bent,perennial bentgrass
Agrostis scabra tickle grass,twin bent,rough bent,rough hairgrass
Agrostis stolonifera creeping bentgrass,spreading bentgrass,creeping bent
Agrostis variabilis mountain bentgrass,mountain redtop,variable bentgrass,mountain bent,alpine bent

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