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family: Poaceae

Alopecurus aequalis shortawn foxtail,little meadow foxtail
Alopecurus aequalis var. aequalis shortawn foxtail,little meadow foxtail
Alopecurus arundinaceus creeping foxtail,creeping meadow foxtail,reed foxtail
Alopecurus carolinianus tufted foxtail,Carolina foxtail,annual foxtail,tufted meadow foxtail
Alopecurus geniculatus water foxtail,floating foxtail,marsh foxtail,water timothy
Alopecurus magellanicus alpine foxtail,alpine meadow foxtail,boreal foxtail
Alopecurus myosuroides mouse foxtail,blackgrass,slender meadow foxtail
Alopecurus pratensis field foxtail,field meadow foxtail,meadow foxtail
Alopecurus ×haussknechtianus Haussknecht's foxtail

ANUCLIM maps and models

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