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family: Rosaceae

Agrimonia eupatoria European agrimony,church steeples,common agrimony,medicinal agrimony
Agrimonia gryposepala hooked agrimony,common agrimony,tall hairy agrimony,tall hairy grooveburr
Agrimonia incisa incised agrimony
Agrimonia parviflora swamp agrimony,smallflower agrimony,southern agrimony,manyflowered grooveburr,harvestlice
Agrimonia pubescens soft agrimony,downy agrimony,hairy agrimony,soft grooveburr
Agrimonia repens creeping agrimony,creeping grooveburr
Agrimonia rostellata woodland agrimony,beaked agrimony
Agrimonia striata woodland agrimony,grooved agrimony,Britton's agrimony,woodland grooveburr

ANUCLIM maps and models

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