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family: Orobanchaceae

Agalinis acuta sandplain false foxglove,sandplain agalinis
Agalinis aphylla scale-leaf false foxglove
Agalinis aspera rough false foxglove,tall false foxglove,rough purple agalinis
Agalinis auriculata auriculate false foxglove,earleaf false foxglove
Agalinis filicaulis Jackson false foxglove
Agalinis gattingeri Gattinger's false foxglove,Gattinger's gerardia,roundstem false foxglove
Agalinis maritima saltmarsh false foxglove,seaside agalinis,saltmarsh agalinis
Agalinis neoscotica Nova Scotia false foxglove,Nova Scotia agalinis,Middleton false foxglove
Agalinis purpurea purple false foxglove
Agalinis purpurea var. parviflora smallflower false foxglove,smallflower gerardia,smooth false foxglove
Agalinis purpurea var. purpurea
Agalinis skinneriana Skinner's false foxglove,pale purple false foxglove,Skinner's agalinis
Agalinis tenuifolia slenderleaf false foxglove,slender false foxglove,narrowleaf gerardia,slender gerardia

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