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family: Pinaceae

Abies alba European silver fir,common silver fir,white deal
Abies amabilis Pacific silver fir,amabilis fir,lovely red fir,lovely fir,red silver fir
Abies balsamea balsam fir,Canada balsam,var (NL),balm of Gilead,eastern fir,fir-balsam,blister fir
Abies bifolia western subalpine fir,Rocky Mountain subalpine fir,Rocky Mountain alpine fir
Abies bracteata bristlecone fir,Santa Lucia fir
Abies cephalonica Grecian fir
Abies chensiensis Shensi fir,Chinese tree
Abies cilicica Cilician fir,Cilician silver fir,Syrian fir
Abies concolor white fir,Rocky Mountain white fir,Colorado white fir,white balsam,concolor fir
Abies firma Momi fir,Japanese fir
Abies fraseri Fraser fir,southern balsam fir,she-balsam,mountain balsam,double balsam fir,healing balsam,Fraser balsam fir
Abies grandis grand fir,lowland white fir,Vancouver fir,great silver fir,western white fir,Oregon fir,giant fir
Abies holophylla Manchurian fir,needle fir
Abies homolepis Nikko fir
Abies kawakamii Taiwan fir,Taiwanese tree
Abies koreana Korean fir
Abies lasiocarpa subalpine fir,northern subalpine fir,Rocky Mountain fir,mountain balsam fir,Oregon balsam fir,pumpkin fir
Abies lowiana California white fir,Sierra white fir
Abies magnifica California red fir,silvertip fir,red bark fir,great red fir,magnificent fir,Shasta red fir
Abies nordmanniana Nordmann fir,Caucasian fir,Crimean fir
Abies numidica Algerian fir,Algerian silver fir
Abies pinsapo Spanish fir,Moroccan fir
Abies procera noble fir,noble red fir,feathercone fir,bracted fir
Abies recurvate Min fir,Chinese tree,Wilson's fir (var. ernsetii)
Abies sachalinensis Sachalin fir
Abies sachalinensis var. mayriana Mayr's Sachalin fir
Abies sibirica Siberian fir
Abies veitchii Veitch's fir,Veitch's silver fir

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