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family: Geraniaceae

Geranium 'Ann Folkard' 'Ann Folkard' geranium
Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' 'Johnson's Blue' geranium,'Johnson's Blue' cranesbill
Geranium bicknellii Bicknell's geranium,northern cranesbill,Bicknell's cranesbill
Geranium carolinianum Carolina geranium,Carolina cranesbill
Geranium cinereum grayleaf geranium,grayleaf cranesbill,blackeyed magenta cranesbill
Geranium clarkei Kashmir hardy geranium,Clarke's cranesbill
Geranium columbinum longstalk geranium,longstalk cranesbill
Geranium dalmaticum Dalmatian geranium,Dalmatian cranesbill
Geranium dissectum cutleaf geranium,cutleaf cranesbill
Geranium endressii French cranesbill,Endress cranesbill
Geranium erianthum woolly geranium,northern geranium,northern cranesbill,wild Alaskan geranium
Geranium himalayense Himalayan cranesbill,lilac geranium,lilac cranesbill
Geranium macrorrhizum bigroot geranium,Bulgarian geranium,rock cranesbill,musk geranium,bigroot cranesbill
Geranium maculatum spotted geranium,spotted cranesbill
Geranium maderense Madeira cranesbill,giant herb-robert
Geranium molle dove's-foot geranium,dove's-foot cranesbill,awnless geranium
Geranium oreganum Oregon geranium,western geranium
Geranium phaeum mourning widow,black widow,dusky granesbill,hardy geranium
Geranium pratense meadow geranium,meadow cranesbill
Geranium psilostemon Armenian cranesbill
Geranium pusillum smallflower geranium,smallflower cranesbill,small geranium,traveller's geranium
Geranium pyrenaicum Pyrenees geranium,Pyrenees cranesbill,hedgerow geranium
Geranium pyrenaicum subsp. pyrenaicum Pyrenees geranium,Pyrenees cranesbill,hedgerow geranium
Geranium renardii Renard's cranesbill,hardy geranium
Geranium richardsonii white geranium,Richardson's geranium
Geranium robertianum herb-Robert,Robert's geranium
Geranium sanguineum bloody geranium,bloody cranesbill,bloodred cranesbill
Geranium sessiliflorum dwarf black cranesbill
Geranium sessiliflorum var. novaezelandiae dwarf black cranesbill
Geranium sylvaticum woodland geranium,woodland cranesbill,wood cranesbill
Geranium viscosissimum sticky purple geranium,sticky purple cranesbill,sticky geranium
Geranium wallichianum Wallich's geranium,Wallich's cranesbill
Geranium wlassovianum Wlassov's geranium,Wlassov's cranebill,Siberian cranesbill
Geranium ×cantabrigiense Cambridge geranium,Cambridge cranesbill,mountain geranium
Geranium ×magnificum showy geranium,showy cranesbill,purple cranesbill
Geranium ×oxonianum Druce's cranesbill,pink geranium,pink cranesbill

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